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The tree in the Palm Room, chosen by The First Lady to highlight the nation's seashores for 2007, is covered with 12 different types of shells all purchased from Shell Horizons and weighs about a ton. The shell wreath that matches it has a diameter of five feet.
To craft a smaller version of the shell wreath, in just a few simple steps; see below.

Go "beachy" with a shell wreath, inspired by those in the West Garden Room of the White House. The First Lady chose to highlight the nation's seashores for 2007.

  • 12" foam wreath
  • 24" floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • glue gun
  • hot glue and 2 bags glue sticks
  • seashells in various shapes and sizes (It took five small bags for this one.)

  • Steps:

    1. Make two or three loops around the top of the wreath with floral wire and then make a small loop at the top. The small loop will become the hanger for the wreath.

    2. Hot-glue the shells to the foam wreath as desired. Make sure to fill in any spaces where the foam shows, especially on the sides.

    Majestic Mantel
    The mantel in the Red Room is festooned with an evergreen garland chock full of gold twigs and shells in various shapes. Gold is the principal color that ties everything together for 2007. "We believe that our national parks are more precious to us than gold and so we used gold for the color this year," said Mrs. Bush.

    Shell Horizons is very proud to have been chosen to supply the finest quality sea shells for the President, the First Lady, and for our White House.


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