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Exotic Seafans, Barnacles, Sponges.
Reef Rock,All types of Sponges,Etc.
Exotic Coral And Groupings
Beautiful Corals Come see our coral store now open for hand picking.
Large Size Seashells
Nautilus, Murex, Lambis, Cyprea, Tritons, Pink Conch, etc.
Tridacna Gigas - Dead Collected
Tridacna Gigas collected dead natural color.
Medium Size Seashells
Cowries, Cones, Land Snails, Craft Shells, etc.
Small & Tiny seashells
Snails, Coquinas,Nassas,Nerites,
Baby Clams,Rare tiny shells,etc.
Pectins, Scallops, Abalone,Cockles
Baking Scallops, Irish Flats, Abalone,
Mexican Deeps,Capiz shells, etc.
Shell Mix Bulk Mix Shells
Large mix, Medium Mix, Tiny Mix,Beach Mix.
All white mix shells etc.
Polished Seashells
Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Oysters, Trocas,
Clam shells,Hawaiian Limpets, etc.
Gems Of The Sea(Specimen Shells)
Most Specimens posted as we get them.
Arautium, Milneedwardsi, Guttata, Etc.
Cut and Drilled Seashells
Capiz,Turretella, Cerithium, Strawberry, Turbos, Cowries, etc.
Dyed and Painted Seashells
Arks, Umbonium, Tun Shells, Bullet Shells, etc.
Hermit Crab Shells & Assesories
Beautiful Shells for Hermit Crabs.
We have natural and First Quality Painted shells.
Shell Packs/Net Bags
Fast selling, the best in the business!!!
All size shell packs.
Sandollars & Sea urchins,Capiz
Sea Biscuits, Arrowheads, All size sandollars,
Round or square Capiz Shells,Seabeans.Etc.
Starfish,Shark Jaws,Seahorses.Stuffed Fish.
Sugar Stars,White finger Stars,Knobby Stars
Porcupine Fish,Seahorses,Stuffed Fish,Ect.
Fast Selling Jewelry
Red Coral Jewelry
Stunning deep water high fashion Red coral neklaces.
These necklaces retail easily for "much more" than our wholesale price listed.
Elegant Jewelry Necklace/Sets
Elegant Ocean Jewelry/Necklace Sets
Rich new design that sell fast.
Ocean Jewelry Necklaces/Sets
Beautiful Necklace Bracelet sets
Dolphins, Mother of Pearl, Puka shell,
Popular White clam Chips. Etc.
Beautiful Shell Earrings
All Natural Shell Earrings -" Nice"
Largest selection Shark Jewelry & Teeth
Shark Jewelry & Necklaces, Single Teeth, etc.
See our 24 karat gold shark teeth necklaces.
Exotic Bracelets,Belts,Shell Rings,Key Chains
Very nice new designs - Fast sellers
Raw Jewelry,Carved Pendants & Findings
Make your own jewelry - shell Strands,
Charms,new carvings and More.
Shell Crafts
Mermaids and Ocean Art
Mermaids and Ocean Art,all hand made.
Shell Handbags and Fashion Purses
Must See!! Many beautiful Designs.
Jewelry Boxes & Pill Boxes
Jewelry Boxs,Pill Boxes, Coin Purses, etc.
Shell Mirrors & Picture Frames
Carved Shells

Hot Plate Mats, Coasters, Carved Shells, etc.
Capiz Shell Items
Handmade Capiz Dishes,Bowls,Candle holders,and more...
Placemats, Toothpicks, Napkin Rings,Coasters
Shell Baskets, Dishes, Fruit Bowls,Toothpicks, etc.
SeaShell Nitelites
Complete Quality Shell Nightlights,
Switch Components,etc.
SeaShell Lamps and Candles
Triton Shell Lamps, Nautilus Lamps, Conch Shell Lamps, Sea Urchin, etc.
SeaShell Flowers & Stems
Shell Flower Arrangments.shell stems.
Shell Strands. Etc.
Christmas Ornaments
Starfish Santas / Snowmen, Beautiful Tree Ornaments,shell Wreaths.
Air Plants
Air plant Shell Vases, Shell Magnets, etc.
Marine Curios & Souvenirs
Glass Floats
Beautiful Glass Floats,"large sizes also"
Exotic Painted Fish
All Sizes available,Singles,Or Mounted on marble Base.
Many Designs,Hand Carved,Hand Painted.
Magnets & Craft Items and Noveltys
Shell Turtles, Magnets, Shell Ocean Scenes, Novelties, etc.
Hanging Baskets & Chandeliers
Plant Shell Baskets,Capiz Chandeliers, etc.
Every Kind Imaginable,and then more.
Starfish Curtains, Shell Strands,Starfish
New styles of shell curtains and shell Strands.
For Doors,Hallways,Showers ECT.
SEAGLASS (9) Kinds)
Seaglass - 9 Natural Colors to choose from,lowest prices on Seaglass.
Display Stands & more
Sandollar Stands, Coral Stands, Shell Stands, Electric Cords,etc
Acrylic Jewelry Displays
Acrylic Jewelry Displays
New Items
New Items
Come see the new items weve added.
We will continue to add items from all parts of the world.
Wholesale Direct to You!
Come See Whats on Special This Month!!!
Overstocked items below wholesale.
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